Sunday, June 23, 2013

Terraced Houses

The kids have been off visiting the in-laws this week, so it's been a good time to knock out some buildings.  First up is Terraced Houses kit T020 from

Front of the homes with flowers added to the garden area (flowers not part of the kit)

Rear of the homes
This is the largest of the kits I have built so far.  Scaled up 120% to 1/63 size, it  is about 20cm high and almost 30cm deep. With the exception of the bay windows, which are a bit fiddly, it wasn't too difficult of a build (about a 1 1/2 weeks of evenings).  However, expect your hands to get sore cutting, as there are a lot of pieces.

To add variety, the building comes with the usual section of doors and window dressing, and you can rotate the sidewalk 180 degrees if you want the tile/brick work in the back instead of the front. If you so desire, the kit can be attached to the corner shop kit and shopfronts from that kit can be used on this building as well.

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