Sunday, June 9, 2013

Kelso Local Defense Volunteers

The first of my Local Defense Volunteers (LDV) to help defend Kelso from the fascists:

Retired WWI vet and and "Doc", a member of the First Aid Party (FAP)

Sue of "Sue's Cafe" and a light machine gunner

View of the arm bands
 There are figures from Artizan's Thrilling Tales line.  My vet is wearing a Victory Medal, British War Medal, and 1914 Star. Doc was actually a member of the French resistance, but since I don't plan to use suitcase bombs in my game, I decided he would make a good medical officer.  Sue was a French maid (hence the shorter shirt), but I though the apron would make for a great cafe owner who doesn't want to serve tea to any blackshirts. The armband on the machine gunner mimics one from 1940 as seen in Osprey's, "The British Home Front 1939-45." Lettering was done using rub off transfers from Woodland Scenics.


  1. Beautiful work all round but I love the detail and crispness on the armbands.

  2. A great work on these figures, details are amazing, I do like the faces too!