Saturday, June 29, 2013

Pterosaur Attack!

I have some Doctor Who figures on the way, including some Silurians, and I decided a Pterosaur would be just the thing to add to their forces:

I found this Copplestone figure several years ago in the discount bin (only $2!) of a hobby shop that was clearing out their miniature inventory, and I figured at that price I could find some use for it.

Current thinking is that the crests were for sexual display, so I've given mine some orange bling to attract the ladies.  I also used a pointillist style on the skin to give it a bit more of an interesting texture.

As you can see below, the figure is quite large, with a wingspan of 11cm.
I think this should be just the thing to put a bit of fear in the U.N.I.T. troops.


  1. Very nice. That crest is sexy indeed. ;)


  2. Lovely figure, and how could you resist for only $2.00!

  3. Excellent work. I saw this on Lead Adventure; everyone there said what a great style the "mottled" look is and I totally agree! It came out incredibly "lifelike". And yes I approve of your colour usage based on solid science :D

  4. The painting on the wings is very nice. Im going to have to try that.