Saturday, December 31, 2016

Hereward the Wake and Huscarls

Saga seems to be one of the few historical games that is popular locally and two of my gaming buddies play, so I've decided to expand into another era of history (much to my wife's frustration).  Luckily it is a skirmish game, so I made the case that it wouldn't require too many new figures and managed to get the rules and an Anglo-Danish army for Christmas. Most of the army will be made up of the Gripping Beast Anglo-Saxon plastic set, but I did add on a few metal figures as well and got some of them painted up these last days.

First off the table is Hereward the Wake:

Overall he is a nicely sculpted figure from Gripping Beast and easy to paint.  I also decided to try out LBMS transfers for the first time with him, and have to say they are amazing products that really bring figures to the next level. The only downside to this particular figure is his stat card for Saga.  Unfortunately I didn't see his restrictions prior to purchase, but his army is unable to field Huscarls (of which I have quite a few). He can however use Flemish mercenaries, so perhaps I can use some of my Huscarls as men for hire.

Speaking of Huscarls, I  also purchased one metal unit equipped with Dane axes:

I've done my best to use colors that would be reasonable for the era, and referenced the following sites for ideas:

1000 Foot General

Historic Enterprises

For the basing, I wanted something that would look like the Yorkshire moorland:
To achieve this, I've used the following mix of plants:

Gale Force Nine:
GFS001 Green Static Grass

Army Painter:
BF4212 Lowland Shrubs

Warlord Games:
WGS-TUF-01 Summer Tufts
WGS-TUF-05 Wild Meadow Tufts
WGS-TUF-06 Heather Tufts (they were a bit too dark for my liking, so I've added some magenta paint highlights to the purple)

There is still a lot more to paint, but I think this is going to be a very fun project.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More Architectural Details for 28mm Back of Beyond Buildings

I have started working on some buildings for eastern China, and my collection of architectural elements has been expanding.  As such, I've decided to make those new images available.  As before, if you are the owner of any of the photos from which these were taken and object to them being here, please let me know and I'll remove them.  Part 1 of the collection is located here.



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