Saturday, July 16, 2016

Chinese Warlords: Tibetan Cavalry Part 2 and Finished Army

I've been neglecting this project for a bit due to work travel and the Usambra Railroad project getting preference on the worktable, but I finally got around to finishing the last of the the Tibetan cavalry.

As with the previous Tibet figures, these are produced by Copplestone Castings.  A spear was not provided for the one figure, so I have used a Perry yari that has been cut down and modified with greenstuff and some jewelry wire to mimic the spearhead seen here.

This group includes some duplicate figures from the last set, so I've done my best to hide this by changing the paint schemes.  Overall I think it's not too glaring in the final mix.

And with this unit done, my Chinese army is finally complete:

There is some terrain left to build for central Asia and I'm hopeful Oshiro will have the new east Chinese buildings released in time for Christmas, so you can still expect future posts on this topic. But for now, I'm just looking forward to putting this army through its paces.