Sunday, August 30, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Chinese Executioners

Work and home life have been slowing me down a bit lately, but I'm still plugging away on painting my Chinese warlord army.  Just off the table is my executioner team:

As with the rest of the figures currently in the army, they are from Copplestone Castings (though I now have some Brigade figures on the way).  I think of these teams as terrifying psychological weapons, so I've decided to make mine rather gruesome looking and go heavy on the gore.

The ground has been given a coating of blood, dry brushed with gloss medium to make it look fresh, and plenty of splatter has hit the executioner himself.  The prisoners' skin has also been given a  wash of deep red and violet to show the vicious beatings they took in their final days.

Though this vignette is much more shocking than something I would normally put on the table, I think it really captures the horror of what it represents.