Sunday, June 23, 2013

Petrol Station and Garage

The second building I completed this weekend was the Garage kit T017 from

This is a very simple kit and easy to build (I did it in an afternoon), but you get a lot of bang for your effort. You have a variety of shop names to choose from, and you can make it a BP, Shell, or Esso station. However, what I really like is the interior detailing.

For the interior of the garage, you almost need to do a double take to make sure you are actually looking at a model; there are even tire mark on the floor.

Finally, the Lledo cars even fit, which is great.

Overall, one of the easiest kits I've build from the series, and I love how good it looks for such minimal work.  Needless to say, control of the fuel will be a major objective of my VBCW games.


  1. WOW that is superb, I've been thinking of getting this kit from them from ages is this the 00 gauge version? did you scale it up or is that it just as it comes?

  2. It's the OO version scaled up 120%. Still a bit small (1/63), but the best I could do with the paper and printer I have.

  3. Stunning building !!!

    Love all the details !

    best regards Michael

  4. That is elegant! The detail is incredible!