Sunday, May 21, 2017

Anglo-Danish Levy Slingers

The development of my Anglo-Danish SAGA army continues with some levy slingers. They are a mix of  Gripping Beast plastics and Crusader Saxons with some head conversions to add a bit more variety.  

I've gone with a slightly more muted palette compared to my warriors, assuming many of the levies would be coming from the lower rungs of society.  I forgot to mention them in my earlier posts, but I would recommend the 1000 Foot General blog and for color palette ideas.

The second photo shows the Gripping Beast plastics. I love the character in the faces, but as I've mentioned before, I don't care the "dysentery walk" pose that many of them have nor the lack of extra bits for customization. But I think they'll get he job done and blend in well with the Crusader figures.

Next up are the Crusader figures, which have well sculpted bodies, but some of the face sculpts are a bit wonky. They also all have the same style cap on, which is visually dull.  As such, I sawed the heads off on four of the figures and replaced them with plastic heads from the Gripping Beast set. Each Crusader figure is next to its modified counterpart.

Though the Crusader and Gripping Beast heads are similar in size, the Gripping Beast heads sit a bit lower on the neck, so some of the figures ended up looking a bit more stumpy that I would have liked. However, I don't think they stand out when the unit is assembled in a group.

Overall I' happy with the final unit and I'm looking forward to having a chance to try them in a game.