Sunday, July 28, 2013


My oldest was unable to play in the Pokemon tournament at the hobby shop today, so I decided to make it up to him by bringing out the superheroes for a bit of action instead.

Doctor Doom and his HYDRA allies had managed to intercept a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. shipment of Omega Energy crystals, (not so) cleverly disguised as a Weetabix truck.  Who could stop him from seizing this awesome source of  destructive power?

Luckily, the Fantastic Four were in the area.
Masato readies the Thing and Human Torch
Kiyoto gets Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman prepared
 Doctor Doom knew he was in trouble and braced himself for the attack.

As Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman raced down the street, the Human Torch took to the air and the Thing charged Doctor Doom.  However, Doctor Doom got the best of the Thing this turn and managed to injure him with his electric shock gauntlets.

 The Human Torch fired off a nova heat blast at a HYDRA trooper, but unfortunately missed.  The initial combat was going in the villains' favor.

 Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman make it to the fray, taking on a HYDRA trooper who gets knocked out.
 This time Human Torch hits his target, taking out another trooper. The Thing manages to score a few licks on Doctor Doom behind the truck, but a HYDRA trooper manages to score a hit on Mr. Fantastic with an RPG.  Luckily his rubbery body absorbs some of the damage.

 The Human Torch scores against another HYDRA trooper who tried to take cover behind the truck. Mr. Fantastic takes out the trooper with the RPG, while Thing and Doctor Doom continue to slug it out.

 Doctor Doom is finally knocked out by the Thing, leaving Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman to mop up the last of the HYDRA troopers.

The Fantastic Four returned the Omega Energy crystals to S.H.I.E.L.D., keeping Superhero City safe once again from Doctor Doom's nefarious plans.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

VSF Game with Sactanks Group

Over the holiday weekend I went up to Sacramento to visit family and was invited by Skrapwelder to join the Sactanks group for a VSF game using the Martian Empires rules.

Rather than a Martian invasion, this battle was set in the Harry Turtledove "Southern Victory" world. Colonel Teddy Roosevelt and his troops were tasked with holding the Montana border against a British invasion from Canada.

The setup at the start of the game.  The American defensive line is on the left, and the British and Canadian forces  gather on the right to start their push.
I was tasked with holding the center against two light tanks and British postal troops. The Gatling guns proved ineffective against the tanks, and the infantry had partaken of a bit too much whiskey to hit anything.Some British lancers  came down the road and engaged one of my units in hand-to-hand combat

British and Canadian dead litter our left flank, but of their steam coaches managed to get across the line.

My unit finally managed to come out of its drunken stupor (either that or they got the lancers drunk), and managed to hold out for  five rounds of combat, delaying the British advance.
However, they eventually broke, leaving a gap in the line that the British began exploiting.
On our right flank, an American areonef arrived, drawing the attention of the British tanks and lessening the pressure on our infantry.  This is a beautiful scratch built model by Skrapwelder.
I had managed to drive back the postal troops, but they were rallied by an officer and came back with a vengeance.  Eventually I was down to just the Gatling guns, which were overrun in the flank.
Our areonef managed to disable the British heavy tank, but eventually was unable to steer after being hit by both light tanks.
At the end of the night six British units had made it across, but we inflicted enough casualties for it to still be an American victory.

Overall it was a lot of fun, and it was great to meet Skrapwelder, LeadfoolAlfrik, and some of their other club members.  Hopefully I can work it into my schedule to visit again.