Sunday, September 20, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Tibetan Cavalry Part 1

I am still only halfway through this unit, but the first six cavalry figures are off the table.  These figures are a mix of the regular and nomad cavalry packs from Copplesestone. As with my previous Tibetan figures, I've decided to make their coats a bit more elaborate.  For reference, I've used photographs of riders and attendees at Tibetan horse festivals.  This requires a bit more time to paint when compared to my warlord troops, but I think it's worth it to have some color on the table.

The Tibetan flag is made of paper, with the edges trimmed using decal scissors to create the fringe. The flag can be downloaded here if you haven't seen it already.

My hope is to have the remaining six figures ready by next month.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Brigade Games Big Sword Soldiers

Today I managed to slap some paint on a few of the Brigade Games figures that came in Friday.  These are Big Sword troops that I'm adding to my Copplestone Dare to Die unit.  As I mentioned in the last post, the Brigade figures are a bit shorter so I've padded up each base with a washer to help compensate.  As these represent the Ma troops after they became the German trained 36th Division of the National Revolutionary Army, I've moved away from the blue-grey uniform to to a green-grey color (German Fieldgrey is the base).  The Kuomintang sun has been added to the helmets using decals from Brigade.  They are a bit big with a lighter blue background than I would like, but still are better than anything I could hand paint.

Here they are mixed in with a few of my Brigade figures:
Even with the padded bases they still look a bit small compared to the other figures. However, as long as your looking from above I think they will blend in ok.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Brigade Games vs. Copplestone Size Comparison

So today I received a package of Chinese soldiers from Brigade Games' "China at War" line. My plan is to use them to push my warlord army into the early part of the Second Sino-Japanese War (WWII).   The figures are very nicely sculpted and cast, but definitely on the smaller end in terms of size.

Here they are next to the Copplestone Chinese. They are slimmer in build and approximately half a head shorter.  If you pad the base up a bit (I've added an American nickel coin, which is almost 2mm thick), I think you can get them to look a bit closer in size. I'd like to mix the figures in some units, so most likely I'll be taking this route. 

Here's another shot showing how the average size is approximately 24mm from base to eye.  My Copplestone Chinese run approximately 28mm base to eye.

As I get these painted, I'll post additional photos to see how they blend together.