Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Bad Seed: Superhero AAR

Another afternoon of superhero gaming with the boys.  This time they wanted to run more figures (two superhero teams of four), so we we went for something bigger.

Green Goblin Girl, with the help of HYDRA, has secretly been breeding alien plants in the city's botanical garden. The spores from these plants have the ability to turn people into her goblin slaves!  Can our heroes destroy the plants and prevent her from taking control of the city?

Green Goblin Girl and the HYDRA goons lurk in the park, cultivating the plants.

The Fantastic Four and the X-Men arrive to stop her.

 The teams spot the mercenary Deadpool lurking down a side road and know he must be up to no good. They decide to surround him, while the Human Torch takes to the air and opens fire on him. Deadpool manages to squeeze up against the wall and avoids the flames.

Deadpool hops the wall and scores a shot on the Thing, while the HYDRA troops are drawn towards the street by all the noise. Luckily, Iceman and Firestar arrive. Deadpool avoids Firestar's flames, but Iceman manages to encase him in a block of ice, putting him out of action.

Green Goblin Girl throws a pumpkin bomb at Cyclops and Beast, but misses her targets. Our heroes begin moving into the garden to engage the enemy and destroy the plants.

Fierce fighting breaks out, and the Human Torch manages set one of the alien plants ablaze before it could release its spores. However, Green Goblin Girl manages to slip through the melee and make it to her truck, which is carrying barrels of harvested spores!  Can our heroes stop her before she can get away and release them into the city, causing its citizens to turn into evil automatons?

Thankfully Firestar spots her before she gets far, and the truck is engulfed in flames, destroying the spores!

As the battle continues in the garden, Deadpool manages to break free of the ice, cutting Firestar with his sword before Iceman can refreeze him.

Our heroes quickly defeat the remaining HYDRA troops and set about destroying the rest of the plants.

However, the Thing is too slow in destroying his plant, and gets  a face full of spores. As he begins to turn against his comrades, Firestar and Human Torch are forced to attack him until he is finally knocked out.

 The city was finally safe from Green Goblin Girl's spores.  Reed Richards took the Thing back to Fantastic Four headquarters, where he developed a serum to turn the Thing back into his normal heroic self.


  1. Nice read, the joys of having superheroes turn up to save the day, only to cause more collateral damage then initially...

  2. Nice board, figs, and a fun game with the family!

    Yuo are all WINNERS.

    Thanks for sharing.