Saturday, October 5, 2013

Doctor Who: Companions, Arch-Villains, and the TARDIS

In addition to getting my church built, I also managed to squeeze out of bit of painting as well.

First up are the second Doctor's companions, Zoe and Jamie:

The paint scheme for Zoe's outfit was taken from this photo:

For Jamie, I couldn't find a reference for him in that exact outfit, but I ended up using this photo for the tartan:

Overall, I have to say I am not a big fan of these Blacktree Design sculpts - I think they look nothing like the real actors.

Next up are the Master and Davros:

The sculpts for these look a bit more like the characters, but I think the torso on Davros is too long and there was a lot of flash under the arm that was difficult to clean out and make look good. For the Master, I decided to forgo his usual black gloves, as I think it would have just been too much black on the figure.

Finally, I picked up a TARDIS from Ainsty Castings:

 This is a very well cast resin model, with very little clean up required. The TARDIS has been several different shades of blue over the course of the program, but I opted for a deep, true blue rather than one of the greyer shades.  For the signage, I opted to paste on signs found online rather than try to do it by hand. My final version isn't really an exact match for any of the television props, but I think it still captures the spirit of the TARDIS.

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