Saturday, May 18, 2013

Hedge Rows

During my lunch break today, I took a stroll through a local craft shop and found this in the dried flowers section:

I have been wanting to make some hedge rows for a while, and this seemed like potentially good material.  The rolls are produced by a company called Panacea, and come in 36" (91.4cm) lengths, of either 3" (7.6cm) or 6" (15.2cm) widths. The rolls appear to be made of synthetic brown threads coated with a fine textured natural moss that gives the impression of small leaves. I grabbed the 6" roll, which was $12.99, along with a rough foam block to cut down for the hedge cores.

I cut the block down to strips that are 6" long and 2" high. These were given a base coat of dark brown craft paint, then dry brushed a light green:
I spread wood glue on the outside and covered them with strips from the moss roll.  The rolls have some holes in them, so patching was required.  The moss roll is naturally springy and wanted to pull away from the foam core, so I had to compress the hedge under some medium weight books to get good adhesion.
The moss was shedding fairly heavily off the hedge, so I decided to coat it with a generous amount of Krylon low odor spray glue.  This seems to have solved the issue. Finally it was sealed with a spray matte varnish to dull the shine from the glue.

They aren't the fanciest of hedges, but for a quick, cheap terrain piece, I think they actually look pretty good.    


  1. They are jolly effective and I am going to have to find that stuff here in the UK. Top idea