Saturday, May 4, 2013

Corner Shops

Back with another building from  This is kit T021: Corner Shops.

The kit can be built with the corner shop on either side, and you have the option of adding a second shop or just a rear entrance off to the side.  A small yard off to the side is also included. Advertisements are from kit T005.

The first shop is Ducketts Grocery. There are an impressive array of interior fixtures included, so I was able to add quite a few shelves of goods, along with a counter and fruit/vegetable display.

Next up is the Shaun of the Dead inspired Winchester Tavern. Includes a full bar with food, a table in the back, and darts to keep you busy in case of Fascist occupation or the dawn of the zombie apocalypse.

Between the food supplies and booze, I expect this building will be a major strategic objective during my games.

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  1. Just amazingly well put together, I really wish I had your patience!