Friday, May 17, 2013

Diecast Vehicles for VBCW Part III

Another set of vehicles arrived today (my last order for a bit):
  1. Lledo DG 043 1931 Morris Van
  2. Lledo DG 013 1934 Model A Ford Van
The Morris van arrived in a new box type, but as you can see, it has the same dimensions as the one seen in Part II of this series.
Both vehicles look reasonable with the miniatures, with the door tops around head height or slightly higher.

Comparison with the Ford truck:
Again, they all seem similar in scale.

 I could not find a photo of this particular Morris van, but here is a 1930 box van:
Source: Grace's Guide
 It looks like the door tops would be head height, which matches my van.

Here is the Model A Van:
Sadly there is only a child in the photo, but I would guess that the door tops would be slightly lower than adult head height.  Looking at a photo of a Model A sedan, this seems likely:
So I would say the Model A is a good fit for 28mm miniatures, perhaps even slightly oversized.

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