Thursday, November 5, 2020

More WW2 Bolt Action British Troops for CIB

I'm back with some more early war British troops for the China/India/Burma theater. As before, these were built using Warlord's plastic kits for Commonwealth and 8th Army troops.

First up are members of the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 1st Battalion, from India. They were sent to Burma in early 1942.  I've added some leaves as camouflage to the helmets using green stuff, and the topees have the regimental red triangle.  The 2nd Battalion fought in Madagascar, and similar appearing troops from South Africa fought in Ethiopia, so this unit will be pressed into other theaters for gaming.

Next up are member of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, 4th Battalion, who defended Singapore in 1942.  They were unfortunately captured by the Japanese and used as slave labor on the Burma Railway. The helmets bear their yellow regimental flash as seen in the Osprey book "The British Army 19-39-45 (3)."  Similar looking troops were seen in Ethiopia, so this unit will also see double service in games. 

The last piece of of kit is Copplstone's Lanchester MkII 6x4 Armoured Car that I purchased years ago for my VBCW project. It's been painted based on the example seen at the Bovington Tank Museum. It was an old design by the time the war broke out, but equipment in Malaysia seems to have been limited at that time.

1/56 28mm Copplstone Lanchester MkII 6x4 Armoured Car for Bolt Action