Sunday, November 29, 2020

Gurkhas and Sikhs for Burma

 My British 14th Army for Bolt Action continues with some late war Gurkhas and Sikhs.

28mm Gurkhas and Sikhs for Bolt Action British 14th Army

The Gurkhas are from The Assault Group's packs SKU BPC013 and SKU BPC014, along with two NCOs built from converted Warlord plastic kits (British Infantry and Commonwealth Infantry).  While the figures themselves blend in reasonably well after being painted (Warlord's are slightly chunkier and have wider hat brims), the rifles are quite different between the manufactures and I wouldn't mix them. 

28mm TAG and Warlord Gurkhas for Bolt Action British 14th Army

Next up are some Artizan Designs Sikhs (packs SWW140 and SWW142) with some supporting Warlord plastics. The bodies are of similar proportions between the manufactures, but the Warlord figures will look slightly shorter if you don't add a base the same thickness as Artizan's. The guns are similar in style, though the Warlord Sikh heads have bushier beards and flatter turbans than their Artizan counterparts.

28mm Artizan Designs and Warlord Sikhs for Bolt Action British 14th Army

That said, I think they look reasonably well together.

28mm Artizan Designs and Warlord Sikhs for Bolt Action British 14th Army

Lastly, here's a side by side size shot: Warlord plastic with no added base, TAG, Warlord plastic with added base, and Artizan. I think they will all look fine together on the table.

Size Comparison of Warlord, The Assault Group (TAG), and Artizen Designs 28mm WW2 Miniatures for Bolt Action


  1. Nice looking units. Also the terrain in the background looks great! Cheers, Karl

  2. Thanks! The hut is from Warbases with some additional modifications.

  3. Inspiring project and really great painting.