Sunday, April 19, 2020

Star Wars Legion: Rebel and Imperial Command

Back again with some more Star Wars figures.  Theses are the Rebel and Imperial command add-ons.

Star Wars Legion: Rebel Command

Star Wars Legion: Imperial Command

For the Imperial officer, I went with the green-gray worn by senior officers in A New Hope rather than the black worn by lower ranking officers. The Rebel command uniforms came in a variety of brown variants, but I opted again for the tan New Hope version with yellowish rather than rust colored shoulder patches. 

Star Wars Legion: Rebel and Imperial Officers

The Rebel comms tech wasn't panted according to any particular on-screen uniform; colors were chosen to match other troops in my force.  The Imperial comms tech is based on the standard black Imperial uniform.  To keep everything from looking too uniformly black, the tunic was highlighted with grays, the leather with browns, and the helmet with blues.

Star Wars Legion: Rebel and Imperial  Comms Technicians

The astomech droids were painted as the classic R5-D4 from A New Hope and R4-I9 from the Star Wars Force Attax card game.

Star Wars Legion: Rebel R5 and Imperial R4 Astromech Droids

Finally, we have the two medical droids.  The 2-1B uses The Empire Strikes Back color-scheme.  I couldn't find a photo reference for the FX-9, so just opted for an overall dark metallic appearance.

Star Wars Legion: Rebel 2-1B and Imperial FX-9 Medical Droids


  1. Excellent work, they all look great! I particularly like the subtle but effective highlighting on the blacks - works really well on the Imperial comms tech.