Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remembering Our Veterans: 2nd Lt. William J. Alton

I'd like to open this post by thanking all veterans who served and sacrificed for their respective countries. 

In particular, I'd like to remember my great uncle, 2nd Lt. William J. Alton. He was a a B-25 pilot with the 22nd Bombardment Squadron (M), 341st Bombardment Group (M), flying missions in the China-Burma-India theater from mid 1942 until his death in early 1943.

He and ten other men were killed when their planes collided over Chakulia, India while participating in a formation bombing training exercise.

1st Lt. Samuel C. Dickinson
2nd Lt. Nicholas Marich
2nd Lt. William J. Alton
2nd Lt. Samuel M. White
S/Sgt. Robert L. Propst
S/Sgt. Vernon M. Harrison
Sgt. Guy V. Horn
Sgt. Jesse C. Levee
Cpl. Finley H. Ganoe
Cpl. Sidney S. Newsome
Pvt. Anthony M. Mandello 


  1. Much respects and honor to your uncle, Thomas. BTW, is his remains at Punchbowl?

  2. Thank you both. Yes, my grandmother had his remains returned from India and buried at Punchbowl.

    1. Ah, I recognized the plaque and grass. My dad and uncles are buried there too. My dad actually never left the States, he was still in basic training at Ft Fix when the war ended. My uncles served in th Pacific Theater. One was in the Merchant Marines.

  3. My respect for the veterans in your family as well