Thursday, January 1, 2015

Flags for Chinese Warlord/Back of Beyond Games

We're going to be expanding our early 20th Century gaming from Africa to Central/East Asia, and I am currently waiting on some Chinese Warlord figures from Copplestone.  During this wait I started looking online for appropriate flags, but wasn't excited with what I found. As such, I decided to break out Photoshop and see what I could create using online flags and some textured background.   Here are the results; you are welcome to to take whatever you find useful.  Flags are approximately 1 inch tall when printed and saved at 300dpi.

Beiyang Flag (Note: since I posted this, I've looked at other references, and it looks like the blue and yellow stripes may be reversed here.  The Hebei flag below has them in the other pattern.)

First East Turkestan Republic Flag 1933-1934

Fengtian Clique Flag

Kuomintang Flag 1

Kuomintang Flag 2

Kuomintang Flag 3

Ma Clique Flag

Manchukuo Flag

Khanate of Mongolia Flag 1911-1921 (White sections to be cut away)

People's Republic of Mongolia Flag 1921-1924

People's Republic of Mongolia Flag 1924-1940

Qing Empire Flag

Tibetan Flag

Wuhan Flag 1

Wuhan Flag 2 (Add your warlord's character to the white circle)

Yuan Flag
Communist Flag 1927-1949
EDIT:  I had some more time, so have decided to also include some additional flags from the Second Sino-Japanese War.
East Hebei Autonomous Government (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1935-1938

Mongol Military Government  (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1936-1937

Mongol Autonomous Government  (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1937-1939

North Shanxi Autonomous Government  (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1937-1939

South Chahar Autonomous Government  (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1937-1939

Mengjiang Flag 1939-1945

Reformed Government  (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1937-1940

Reorganized Government Nanjing  (Japanese Puppet) Flag 1940-1945

Reorganized Government Nanjing  (Japanese Puppet) War Ensign 1940-1945

EDIT 2: Some more flags for the Communists and some of the surrounding countries.
Afghanistan Flag 1901-1919

Afghanistan Flag 1919-1926

Afghanistan Flag 1926-1928

Afghanistan Flag 1929-1931

Afghanistan Flag starting 1931

Jiangxi-Fujian Soviet Flag

Chinese Soviet Republic Flag 1931-1937

Fujian People's Government Flag

Far Eastern (Chita) Republic Flag 1920-1922

Bukharan Soviet Flag 1920-1925

Turkestan ASSR Flag 1919-1921
Emirate of Bukhara Flag until 1920
(White sections to be cut away)

Khanate of Khiva Flag until 1920
Khorezm People's Soviet Republic Flag 1920-1925

Karakalpak ASSR Flag 1932

Uzbek SSR Flag 1924-1936

Basmachi Flag

Part 2 of the flags can be found here.


  1. My word what an amazing resource - thank you.

  2. Wonderfully done! I will watch the progress of the project with interest - I'm on a similar tack but in 1/32nd scale ie 54mm figures... and the flags will I am sure scale up nicely.

  3. Thanks Gents! Mike, let me know if you have any problems with the scale ups. If they look bad and you don't need a huge variety of these, I'm happy to take a shot at recreating some at a larger size.

  4. Snatched the lot of 'em! Brilliantly done, and they'll all be much welcome in my CCW, sci-fi, and Taiping Rebellion Imperial forces in equal measure... >;)

  5. Thanks for the kind offer of help - I'll let you know if there is a problem in 1/32nd.