Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another Building for the Boma

Well, another step closer to finishing this project.  This is the last of the major buildings for the boma and I am basing it on this image:
Source: Flickr
I don't have the table space to build something this large, so I opted to create a smaller building that hopefully captures the feel of this.  For the base, I started with a GameCraft adobe building.

The second floor was constructed out of art board and designed to be a sleeve that would fit over the MDF building. I've marked the board to show how far down it should go to allow the windows to sit at an appropriate level for the figures.The window slots were cut out and bits of strip styrene glued to the inside of the card to hold the second story in the proper position.

Here is the assembled second floor sleeve resting on the building. For added stability, I added a ring of card around the top.

Next came plastic windows and some basswood strips to give the upper level a half timbered appearance.

After a bit of paint had been added, it blended in well with the lower level.

For the roof, I framed the edges with more strip styrene to mimic what was seen on the actual building.  The top of the roof was built and painted according to the method I have documented in earlier builds.  I also decided that I didn't like the original door opening of the adobe building, so framed the door with additional basswood.

 And here is the final product:


  1. Excellent work. I like the idea to achieve the over hang of the upper storey.

  2. Another wonderful build, the sleeve design over an existing building is genius!

  3. The sleeve is a very clever idea. Nice work all around.

  4. An elegant build! I like the half-timbered effect. Great idea to have the upper storey fit over the lower.

  5. Great building once again! Your weathering on the roof never fails to amaze me.