Monday, January 21, 2013

My Initial Ground Forces for VBCW

Now that the planes have been completed, I've returned to the ground forces I started working on before the holidays. 

First up are some British troops:
Rather than paint them specifically for the Edwardian or Georgian factions, I've used a generic scheme with webbing colors for the late 1930's. This will let me use them for either faction, and also allow them to be used for WWII gaming as well.  Figures are from Artizan Designs and are very nice.

To give them some support, they have a Lanchester Mk II 6x4 Armoured Car:

This was produced by Copplestone Castings in 1/55 scale.  The kits is resin and white metal, and comes with no assembly instructions.  Luckily it comes with very few pieces, but I did have to find a photo reference to figure out how to mount the front axle.  The kit was reasonably well cast for resin, though there were some air bubbles to fill in (luckily most were on the bottom).  The front wheels tend to flare out a bit under the weight of the kit, but I hesitate to keep bending them back in case they finally break off. The detail isn't all that great (the other side looks rather plain, and I wish they had the upper lights and radio aerial mount), and the proportions don't seem completely accurate when compared to photos of the real thing, but it will work for the wargaming table.   For the paint job, I referenced images on taken of a car at the Bovington Tank Museum.

Next up are the local constabulary:
These were originally purchased for Doctor Who gaming, but were pressed into service once I got the VBCW bug.  Again, these are produced by Artizan and are very nice sculpts.

Finally, the first of my fascists came off the work table this morning:
These were originally German Nacht Jagers from Artizan's Thrilling Tales pulp line, but they will now be German equiped assault troops for the British Union.

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