Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Miami Vice

Another old project of mine.  I was (and still am) a big fan of the old 80's Miami Vice show, so I thought it would be fun to put some figures together for skirmishes.  No one really makes figures for all the characters and villains, but I was able to assemble a reasonable group out of Copplestone Castings'  Future Wars  and EM-4's Future Skirmish.  The EM-4 figures are slightly smaller, but it's the same sculptor, so they mix alright.  I would not try to include  any of Foundry's Street Violence range with the other two though, as the samples I've seen are much larger in size.  As far as painting goes, the clothing for the main characters are all based on items seen during the show (yes, I actually spent time analyzing episodes and wardrobe photos on the Miami Vice Community).
Vice Squad
Tubbs & Crockett
Tubbs and Crockett come from Copplestone Pack FW26 (Bad Guys in Suits). Tubbs has had the sideburns and moustache filed off, while Crockett's machine gun was cut down to make it look like a handgun.
Gina and Trudy
Gina and Trudy are from pack FW46 (Corporate Babes 2) and did not require any modification.
Castillo & Switek
Lt. Castillo is from FW24 (Men in Black, figure on the far right), and has had his hair modified with green stuff.  Switek is from FW26 (same packet as Tubbs & Crockett, figure on far right), with green stuff hair added.  Sadly, I couldn't find a suitable figure for his partner Zito, so I'll have to set any action after his death.

Drug Dealers
The drug dealers are a mix of figures from both companies, some with green stuff mullets added.

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  1. Those are fantastic. I'm doing something similar for a Miami Vice game I'm running at Gencon this year. Though, your minis are far better painted than mine. Well done!