Monday, May 17, 2021

Another Dragonfrog Asian Shop

The push to keep assembling buildings for my Chinese hutong project continues. This is another 28mm MDF kit from Dragonfrog Games. Its a combination of the shop 4 and 5 kits, with my usual upgrades of printed textures, card, and bits of plastic detailing from Plastruct and Evergreen Scale Models.

28mm MDF Dragonfrog Asian/Chinese Shop

The height of the upper story window frames caused some spacing issues when applying the plastic trim, so my attempt to hide the seams between floors wasn't as successful as on my other shops.  However, I don't think it will be too noticeable when looking down at the gaming table.

28mm MDF Dragonfrog Asian/Chinese Shop

As with the other shops, the building can be opened up by floor (though the attic level is too short for standing figures).

28mm MDF Dragonfrog Asian/Chinese Shop

I also made another error with the shopfront tiles, forgetting to take into consideration the lower portion of the window frames when measuring. I trimmed the bottoms off to compensate, and just have to hope the design looks intentional. 

28mm MDF Dragonfrog Asian/Chinese Shop

Below is the actual storefront in Penang, Malaysia that inspired mine.  Though I will primarily will use this for China, I also plan to start playing the Malaysian campaign now that I have a South Asian British force for WW2.

If you would like the architectural details for your own projects, feel free to use the files below.


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