Monday, September 4, 2017

Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battles

My boys have recently developed an interest in the 1/144 Gundam models, which of course I'm encouraging. I loved building model kits with my father and am happy to provide the same opportunity to my kids. 

But in addition to these larger models, we've also acquired a small collection of the 1/400 rubber pre-painted figures on our various trips to Japan over the years that my boys now want to play with. 

These smaller figures actually have a set of wargaming rules back in Japan, which have been translated into English by the Facebook Group.  While I appreciate the effort of these translators, I have to admit I found the Word file lacking in visual appeal and some of the wording and organization a bit confusing. 

As such, I thought I'd take a stab at updating the rules before trying out a game with the kids.

If anyone else is interested in trying out my updated version, You can access it here: Gundam Collection 1/400 Tactical Battles Rules.  Please note that it doesn't have the stat cards for the various figures.  These still need to be downloaded from the Facebook Group.

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