Sunday, April 23, 2017

Dark Age Warriors

I haven't had much time for painting as of of late, but I have finally managed to finish up a unit of Dark Age warrior for my Anglo-Danish force for Saga.

As with my Huscarls, these are part of the plastic Saxon 4 Point Starter Warband from Gripping Beast/Renedra and have been completed with LBMS decals

Compared to the Huscarls, I'd have to say these figures are not as well designed. The left hand is cast on, limiting the variety of poses.  Three of the five poses also have the arm cast right up against the torso, resulting in what I call the "dysentery walk" look.  The shields help hide it, but it is also makes it difficult to fit the shields against the torsos properly, especially when the head has a beard (which is most of them). There are no additional pouches, knives, etc. to place on the belts and only 7 different head types (unless you mix in heads from the armored frames), further limiting your ability to create varied looking troops.

While I think the completed figures looked pretty good, I'm not sure I'd recommend buying the stand alone box of these unless you need a lot of warriors on the cheap.


  1. Pretty good? They look wonderful sir, painting and basing are just superb, and I love the shields, realisitc (mud effect is great!) and splendid...Btw, they look fiersome as well!

  2. Whatever their faults, they do look really nice.

  3. They look brilliant - the colours really 'pop', without looking gaudy, & the weathering on the shields looks so realistic! Those bases are awesome too. Kudos for painting pupils in the eyes too!