Sunday, August 7, 2016

Father/Son Hobby Time: X-Wing Fighter Kit

My oldest wanted to have some hobby time with me while his brother was away at a sleepover, so we decided to work on an AMT/ERTL X-Wing kits that a friend had given us.  

The scale wasn't listed, but appears to be around 1/72. Details aren't the best, but good enough for a kid's project.  The box says it is a snapfast kit but the directions inside called for glue, so he had his first experience with superglue.  Luckily no fingers got stuck together.

Rather than spending a ton of time painting, we decided to wash the light grey plastic with diluted medium grey paint.  Overall, I think it looks pretty good. From there we did some actual painting on Luke in the cockpit, R2D2, the landing skids and the engine exhaust.  My son really wanted to take a shot at the decals, but most of them started cracking and falling apart during the application so I had to take over on that part. Some touch ups with scarlet paint helped hide the decal damage.

He's still working on his patience for such projects (think he likes the idea of hobby time with me more that sitting down to do it), but we had a good time together and he seems excited to display it on his shelf.  Hopefully his interest will continue to grow as he gets older.


  1. Great effect with such a simple paint job. Great stuff.

  2. Wonderful post and a great result, well done the pair of you.

  3. That's great looking. Hobbying with the kiddos is the best.