Sunday, November 1, 2015

Dzu-Teh Yeti!

For some of our African games, we've included random animal encounters to keep thing unpredictable.  I thought it could be fun doing the same in our Back of Beyond games, so I picked up a couple of Yeti at the local hobby shop.  According to Himalayan  legends, there are three types of yeti, with Dzu-Teh being the largest.  Based on their size, these figures would definitely fall into that category.  Though modern depictions usually show the yeti with white fur, they are traditionally described as having brown to reddish-brown fur. This is mostly likely being that yetis are misidentified Himalayan brown/red bears. I've opted for this traditional look, using the bears and orangutans for inspiration.

The figures I purchased are from Reaper miniatures.  Overall, I think they are pretty good figures, though I'm not a huge fan of the how the fur lines up at the arm joints (the arms are cast separately). My only other nit-picky comment is the two figures were packaged with different bases.  However, I think this will get lost in the background once they are on the table.


  1. I love these! What a great idea Thomas and beautifully rendered Sir.

  2. Very nicely done.
    I think saving the village from these rampaging beasts is a job for two smaller (my son describes himself as "fun size") but plucky heroes.

    Do happen to know any that would be available?

  3. Stunning! I'm pretty sure they'll add a nice touch to any game.

  4. Thanks Guys!

    So far no interest from the kids for BoB, but maybe I can get that to change. :-)