Friday, September 11, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Brigade Games vs. Copplestone Size Comparison

So today I received a package of Chinese soldiers from Brigade Games' "China at War" line. My plan is to use them to push my warlord army into the early part of the Second Sino-Japanese War (WWII).   The figures are very nicely sculpted and cast, but definitely on the smaller end in terms of size.

Here they are next to the Copplestone Chinese. They are slimmer in build and approximately half a head shorter.  If you pad the base up a bit (I've added an American nickel coin, which is almost 2mm thick), I think you can get them to look a bit closer in size. I'd like to mix the figures in some units, so most likely I'll be taking this route. 

Here's another shot showing how the average size is approximately 24mm from base to eye.  My Copplestone Chinese run approximately 28mm base to eye.

As I get these painted, I'll post additional photos to see how they blend together.


  1. It sometimes bothers me the difference between companies but not everybody is the same size.....except the Chinese?

  2. LOL! I actually don't mind a bit of variation in size either when it comes to my armies. However, in this case I plan to fill in my Copplestone Dare to Die unit with some of these guys and they end up looking like children next to my current figures.

  3. 2/3 of my colleagues are Taiwanese/Chinese and at 176 cms I feel tall compared to quite a few of them :) Well, the native ones anyway, those born in Holland are about the same size as me. I wouldn't bother too much about it.

  4. Sir,
    How would you say they compare to perry and bolt action figures? I'm looking to fill out a nationalist army in the 1937-1942 period and while the brigade mins are wonderful german trained troops I need more ski caps, tommy helmets, and the occasional Adrian to make regular forces.

  5. I would say they are slightly smaller than the Bolt Action and slightly larger than Perry. I'll put some pics on your post over at LAF.