Friday, July 3, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Cavalry

Back with another unit of Chinese warlord troops.  This cavalry unit is composed of miniatures from Copplestone Castings. The sculpting is well done as is usual for Copplestone, but there was a fair amount of flash and mold lines that needed to be cleaned up, especially with the horses. For the rank and file troops, there are only two body types, though with different head variants.  Three horse variants are available, but with one exception, my horses were of only two types.

As with my infantry, I've gone with a mix of blue grey and green grey uniforms. I've recently read (on the internet, for what that's worth) that the Ma Warlord troops were wearing green uniforms when they became part of the national army in the 1930's, so I think this color mix will help me stretch their use into the Second Sino-Japanese War.

To help hide the similarity in the horses, I've bent their tails in various directions and used a variety of coat colors.  All the color schemes come from horse breeds found on the Tibetan Plateau.


  1. They look fantastic.
    I like the look of the mixed uniforms. It's great to see that project growing. Very inspiring!

  2. They do look fantastic. I could feel that "wow that period has potential" feeling coming on!

  3. Superb...great irregular look and clever mix of figures.

  4. Oh I say, they are truly wonderful!

  5. Lovely stuff. Like the variations.

  6. I have 250 pieces of Back of Beyond that I am about to start painting up for a friend of mine. As I will probably be starting with the Chinese, your blog will be a good source of information.
    Many thanks for the tips on colours used for both uniforms and horses.