Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chinese Warlords: Frontier Infantry

I'm back with some more infantry for my Chinese Ma Warlord army. These represent a basic frontier infantry unit, so I've given them a more ragtag appearance than my earlier bodyguard unit. As before, there are 28mm figures from Copplestone.

Commanding Officers
Standard Bearer and Bugler
As these are Muslim Chinese, they carry  a crescent and star banner
Examples of color variants in the uniforms


  1. Brilliant. Really great paint job!

  2. Great looking troops - and the terrain backdrop is lovely too.

  3. Beautiful minis, excellent job, and great building as well...

  4. Outstanding brush work. Particularly like the flesh tones.
    I'm reading 'China's Wars' by Phillip Jowett at the moment so most timely.

  5. Those look great...well done! I really should do another army for the Back of Beyond!