Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Final Troops Completed for East Africa

Well, the last of the figures (at least until I decide to buy more) have come off the table for the German East Africa project.

These are Sikh Infantry from Brigade Games:

As is usual with their figures, these are both nicely sculpted and cast. 

The figures have been painted as the 30th Punjab Regiment, as depicted in Osprey's "Armies in East Africa 1914-1918".

I also finished up some command figures from Copplestone Castings:

The two on the left will be my army commander and his assistant, while the two on the right will command my 129th Baluchis.  These are rather large figures and appear over sized next to the Brigade figures.  I'll put together another post showing how everything in my collection matches up.


  1. Splendid work Sir! I love the water pipe to condenser on the Vickers, wonderful attention to detail.

  2. Great painting! They really look the part.

  3. Really nice! The Sihks look great!

  4. Hi Thomas,

    Love your East African project...inspiring work.

    Question - what colours/techniques are you using to paint these Sikhs? I'm getting some and I like your paint style.



  5. Thanks Sam. It's been awhile since I did these and I'm afraid I didn't write down the paints I used. However, I have some new Sikh artillery coming in, so need to figure it out again. I'll go back through my paint drawer this weekend to see if I can get it figured out again, then post the paint list here.

  6. Ok, I think I have the painting figures out. So I start with a base layer(B) that covers everything, move to the midtone (M) that will be the bulk of the color, and finally highlights (H). Since I'm painting for what looks good down on the table rather than up close photographs, I don't worry about trying to blend the color changes into a nice gradient, but the leave the edges fairly bold at the tone switch. All colors are Vallejo.
    B: Germ Cam Black Brown 70.822
    M: Leather Brown 70.871
    H: English Uniform 70.921
    B: Orange Brown 70.981
    M: Medium Fleshtone 70.860
    H: Sunny Skintone 70.845
    B: Saddle Brown 70.940
    M: Desert Yellow 70.977
    H: Dark Sand 70.847
    B: Saddle Brown 70.940
    M: Brown Sand 70.876
    H: Iraqui Sand 70.819
    Leather Webbing:
    B: Germ Cam Black Brown 70.822
    M: Leather Brown 70.871
    H: Flat Brown 70.984
    Canvas Bag/ Canteen Cover:
    B: Dark Sand 70.847
    M: Ivory 70.918
    H: White
    B: Black
    M: N/A
    H: German Grey 70.995
    Gun stock:
    B: Germ Cam Black Brown 70.822
    M: Flat Brown 70.984
    H: Red Leather 70.818
    Gun Metal:
    B: German Grey 70.995
    M: N/A
    H: Gunmetal Grey 70.863

  7. Thanks Thomas,

    Excellent paint guide..useful to see how you put all these color combos together.

    Much appreciated.