Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bienvenido to Golfonseca!

Presedente for life Somoza would like to welcome you to the  beautiful República de Golfonseca, located on the Golfo de Fonseca between Honduras and Nicaragua. My people love our Yankee brothers and we encourage you to bring your business here, where with the right government sponsorship, our peasants citizens are dying happy to provide your factories with inexpensive labor.

Here is one of our model villages, the lovely San Cristóbal:
Aerial view from one of our helpful Guardia Nacional  helicopters
Main Street
Another view of the main street
 It offers all the comforts an American investor would want:
A modern service station

Its own department store
A full service grocery store

We already have one bustling business in town, a premier cigar warehouse:

Now many people may try to tell you that Golfonseca is not safe, that those communist dogs the Frente de Liberación Nacional (FLN) will soon control this country. 

It is all lies I tell you!  My people love me, and the Guardia Nacional ensure that there is always peace with their torturous human rights respecting ways.


I have been interested in the Cold War battles that raged across the Third World since I was a youth in the 1980's.  Though the AK 47 Republic rules were written for African conflicts, I grew up watching Under Fire, Romero, and Salvador, and really desired to recreate something of the horrors of that time and region in my Imagination of Golfonseca.

I actually started this project last spring. At this time I only have a few of the miniatures painted (figures are currently from Peter Pig and Battlefront) and have instead focused on the buildings.  For this layout, I predominately used buildings from Monday Knight Productions (retextured to give the stucco a smoother finish to match the other buildings), Timecast, and Gamecraft (textured with Liquitex ceramic stucco and finished with model railroad bits, primarily from Grandt Line). I also picked up a Walthers lumber company that was cut down to create the cigar warehouse. 

The trees are produced by Woodland Scenics.  Roads were made from tool chest liners purchased at the local DIY store.

For the paint schemes, I was inspired by these photos taken in the Nicaraguan town of Rivas.  The signs on the buildings are actual advertising and political posters from the region that I found using Google image search.

Once I make some more progress on my VBCW project, I'll be returning to Golfonseca.  Until then, please be patient.


  1. Awesome set-up. Are the trees ready-mades?

    1. The palm trees are, but the rest are kits from Woodland Scenics

  2. Why did you bring up AK-47 Republic? Do you use that ruleset when you play with this board?

    1. The project stalled out, but yes, I was planning to use AK-47 for it.