Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Flooded Hobby Closet

So late last week I noticed a damp spot out in front of my hobby closet, but just assumed it was left by the wife as she was leaving the shower.  However, by the next day it was much bigger (it had spread into the walk in closet) and I knew we had an issue.  Luckily it doesn't appear to be a ruptured pipe in the wall and most likely came from a neighboring unit (they have to pay for damages if caught, so we think they performed a cover up cleaning on their side, as it was miraculously water free) . However, the water was seeping from under the wall in the back of the hobby closet, which means the shelving and everything on it had to come out for the clean up.  I'm happy to report no figures or terrain were damaged, but it makes it difficult to get any painting done.

Test hole to check the pipes
Some of the contents of the hobby closet and our walk in
Drying out the closets
Back of the hobby closet
Here's hoping we're back to normal soon!


  1. Ick! I hope everything goes well for the clean-up. My wife and I had a similar situation when our dopey ex-landlord allowed the sewer to flood the basement of our apartment block. Not nice...

  2. Good luck with the clean up Major.

  3. Thanks Gents!

    Luckily it doesn't appear to be sewer/toilet water. Now if I can just get the Home Owners Association to finish their inspections so I can get the wall closed up. The slow moving bureaucracy is driving me nuts.