Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Neighborhood Watch: A Superhero AAR

The Fantastic Four are on a well earned vacation in Pango Pango, and they have asked the X-Men and the Avengers to water the plants and generally keep an eye on the place while they are away.

The X-Men begin their patrol, looking for shady characters.  It's a good thing too, because...

The Hobgoblin, Black Cat, Abomination, Doctor Doom, Juggernaut, and Sabertooth have arrived to trash the Fantastic Four's building. Hobgoblin gets things started by hitting it with a pumpkin bomb, causing a fire. 

The X-men call for reinforcements, and the Avengers arrive.  While Iron Man tries to deal with the fire, Firestar and Spider-Woman  go after the Hobgoblin. Hulk and Ant Man prepare to slow down the other villains until the X-Men can get in position.

Unable to stop the fire, Iron Man blasts Abomination, while Cyclops gets a shot in at Juggernaut.  Firestar and Spider-Woman are unable to hit the Hobgoblin.

Ice Man arrives at the Fantastic Four building and and puts out the fire with his ice powers.  Hobgoblin is too busy with our heroes to throw any more pumpkin bombs at the headquarters.

The X-Men and Deadpool are now ready for battle.  Our heroes fail to further injure any of our villains this turn, but Doctor Doom manages to shock Deadpool with a lightning strike from his gauntlets, wounding him.

Firestar and Cyclops both blast away at Sabertooth,  knocking him out of commission.  The Hulk throws a truck at Abomination, but fails to injure him. 

The villains charge into hand to hand combat, taking on Hulk, Ant Man and Cyclops.

Cyclops retreats to a better shooting position while Beast and Deadpool jump into the mix.

Iceman and Angel help out in the attack on Hobgoblin.

It breaks down into a brutal slugfest, with Abomination taking further injury.

Black Cat manages to jinx Deadpool, resulting in further injury to him.  He decides to retreat and fight elsewhere.

Hobgoblin is knocked out of the sky, and our airborne heroes come down and join the fight on the ground.  However, Firestar is wounded by Doctor Doom.

Deadpool partially heals his injuries, then he takes down Abomination with Hulk and Iron Man.

Meanwhile, Spider-Woman and Firestar tangle with Black Cat, injuring her. 

Doctor Doom is trapped in a block of ice by Iceman, while Hulk and Cyclops help swarm Juggernaut. 

Juggernaut and Black Cat are knocked out cold, and the villains are now headed for jail.  Our superhero neighborhood watch have saved the Fantastic Four headquarters from destruction, with only the loss of a few ficus plants in the fire!


  1. Nicely done by the neighborhood watch!

    Good swarm tactics by the heroes. My compliments for their tactical acumen. :)