Monday, July 14, 2014

East African Trading Post

I am building a little colonial outpost for Deutsch-Ostafrika and the first building off the bench is is the "Schütz und Egbers" trading post.  It's been named for myself and my host family from when I was an exchange student in Germany. Not being a native German speaker I've had to rely on my dictionary to translate my wares; it's supposed to be provisions, supplies and weapons, so here's hoping it's correct.

The shop is Ainsty's 3003 Corrugated Iron Shack with a scratch built sign added. For the sign I used a font called Gorgio (EDIT: it should be Bangle), which is similar to the font in this period photo:

The building was well cast and comes with a detailed interior and front doors that can either be positioned closed, or split in two and left open. I've opted for open.

As an empty shop would be boring, I bought some trade goods from Ainsty as well: 3303, 3309, and 3311. Again, these were very well cast.  Several of the smaller items have been glued together for ease of transporting.  I did not attach them to the base so that they could be moved around and used as objectives or barricades in my games.

Overall I am very happy with this start.  In addition to my completed native huts, I have three additional colonial buildings in the works.  They will be shown here as I complete them.


  1. Excellent stuff!!

    ......and you have a new blog follower ASAP!!


  2. Fantastic! Really like those striped sacks, never would of thought of that.

  3. Thanks Guys! When I lived in Germany, it was a textile town and the local museum had a display of all the goods bags they used to produce, which gave me the initial idea for markings. However I have to admit I stole the stripe pattern from the Warlord Rorke's Drift page.

  4. This is nicely done Sir! Love all the supplies - really makes it.


  5. Hi Thomas,

    very nice and inspiring! And yes, the sign is written in proper German language ;-)

    Hail to the Kaiser!


  6. Thanks Alex! There has been some debate on LAF about the best wording for the sign, so it's now been updated: Lebensmittel, Eisenwaren, and Feuerwaffen.