Monday, July 14, 2014

South African Infantry

Ok, I'm back with another unit for my Deutsch-Ostafrika project.  These are South African troops supporting the British Empire:

The figures are the lovely British Infantry from Brigade Games. These have been painted according to Plate E in Peter Abbott's "Armies in East Africa 1914-1918", though I did not try to add the springbok general service badge to the helmet. I did however include the white and maroon diamond helmet flash for the 7th Battalion.

The officers I used are in trousers rather than short pants, so I have painted their trousers to match the corduroy pair seen on the Bombardier in the same plate.  I don't know if these trousers were issued to the infantry in addition to the field artillery, but I like how they give the South Africans a bit of a different look than my KAR unit. Besides, with supply shortages in the field, I could see them using whatever was available.

I've found a third Africa Gamer in the area, so we're trying to get a game organized for next month.  Hopefully these will get to spend some time on the table!