Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Usambara Railroad: Sarissa Passenger Car

I've been ignoring this project for a bit, but finally decided it was time to offer some passenger service on the rail line. As with the rest of this project, this car is part of Sarissa's railway series.

I had originally planned to modify the car by adding in some O scale seating from the railroad shop, but realized it wouldn't give me enough space to place figures inside the card. As such, this car is straight out of the package, with only some sanding of the hard edges. I might look at adding removable seating in the future though.

As before, I wasn't able to find any references as to the paint colors used on the actual cars, so I used passenger cars from Germany proper as a guide. I wanted something that would contrast with the red-brown used on the freight cars, so decided to go with a green color. This particular pattern is based on a paint scheme used by the K.P.E.V. I've opted to go with a 2nd Class car, as I couldn't imagine there would have been much 1st Class service on the line. Numbering was done using the Woodland Scenics dry rub decals.

Construction wasn't too bad, though I did manage to snap a beam in the roof as I was fitting pieces.  The car is a bit stumpy and I think the windows look out or proportion to the rest of the car, but it will get the job done.

And below is a final shot of the full train. It's not huge, but will occupy enough space on my usual 4x6 table.  Once the goods shed is finished, I think I'll consider this project complete.


  1. Looks fantastic. It all came together nicely.

  2. That looks great. Thanks for showing the progress on this project step by step.

  3. Splendid! Just like the narrow gauge ones I've just been on in North Wales!