Sunday, October 2, 2016

IJA Type 94 Tankette

Instead of an armored car for my Japanese forces, I've decided to add a Type 94 tankette (九四式軽装甲車). This particular tankette began production in 1935 and were assigned to infantry divisions for use in reconnaissance.

Rather than go with the Warlord Games version, I opted to get mine from Trenchworx, as my previous purchases from them were of such great quality and the price was cheaper. However, this particular kit didn't live up to its predecessors.  While the resin portion was top notch as before, the metal pieces had casting issues.  The treads were fine (though a bit of flash to clean up), but the  turret and towing hook did not have enough metal in the molds, leading to malformations.  

For the turret, there was a large seam visible on the right side, and the left rear side is not fully rounded, with a "dent" where the turret feeds into the body. 

The towing assembling had only a nub where the hook should have been, so I was forced to shave it down and build one from scratch. 

I had wanted to go with the all green scheme for 1935, as seen on, but ended up going with the 1939 scheme used at Nomonhan, as I though this would better hide some of the turret defects.  Though no markings were present on that example, I've opted to mark my tankette as #6 in Japanese.  For the khaki-iro and midori-iro, I've used the same paint colors as on the previous tank

Some comparison shots with the Chi-Ha to give you a better sense of size.

I ended up with something acceptable in the end, but I hope my casting issues are an exception that slipped through rather than the norm for this kit. 


  1. What a splendid addition, cracking work Sir.

  2. Interesting to hear your complaints. I picked up one of the Type-95's from Trenchworx recently, and had similar problems with the metal pieces. Was thinking of grabbing this model to go with it, but your experiences give me pause.

  3. Blimey. That's tiddly but it does look rather cool.