Sunday, October 23, 2016

IJA Veteran Infantry

Back with some more infantry for my Japanese Army.  These are the veteran infantry (sometime called jungle fighters) from Warlord Games, supplemented with a couple of their plastic figures. The figures use the separate head system, which gives you the opportunity to add more variety and mix the heads with the plastic system.

I think the sculpts themselves are generally decent to good, and the faces have a lot of character.  One thing i didn't like is the the rifle lengths are shorter than their plastic counterparts. I understand you have to make the rifles sturdier in metal, but would have liked better consistency with the plastic figures. Casting quality was ok, with some of the details soft on the underside and some flash to dig out.  However, considering the amount of gear the troops are carrying, I guess it's to be expected that not everything can be crisp if you still want to get the figures out of the molds.

Overall I'm happy with this purchase and thing they will look great on the table.