Sunday, July 2, 2017

Hong Kong Shop and Restaurant Signs

I was recently in Hong Kong for vacation and used the opportunity to collect some more street signs and other architectural details for terrain construction.  All images are free for personal use.  

The initial set of elements comes from the Hong Kong Museum of History, which is well worth a visit. There are reconstructions of various buildings and street scenes from the 1800's and early 1900's that can provide a lot of inspiration.  Unfortunately the lighting is very dim in most of the halls, but I've done my best to lighten up the elements.

Traveling Chinese Opera show:

Taoist Shrine:

Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank:


Pawn Shop:

Chinese Medicine Shop:

Clothing Shop:

Tea Shop:


In addition to the street scenes, the museum has some beautiful model ships and interesting diorama of the Chinese destruction of British opium that kicked off the First Opium War

Lastly, here are a few signs from the streets of Kowloon.  These are modern, but I think could still work for the early 20th century.

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