Saturday, January 23, 2016

German Equipped Chinese

As I've mentioned previously, I want to be able to pull my Ma Warlord army into the Second Sino-Japanese War, so I ordered some German equipped infantry from Brigade Games, along with a German Pak 36 from Perry Miniatures.  

The Brigade figures are very well sculpted, but smaller than the Copplestone figures (though they seem close to the Perry). There was a bit if flash and mold lines that had to be cleaned up, but for the majority of the figures it wasn't too big of an issue.  Unfortunately there were a few figures where the mold line ran down the face or other areas that couldn't easily be filed down.  My hope is that will get lost in the background. As with my earlier swordsmen, I've moved the color of the uniforms into the green-grey tones and used Brigade's Kuomintang sun decals on the helmets to represent the 36th Division.

 The LMG package includes two LMG teams; one firing and one moving. The machine guns appear to be Czech ZB vz. 26s or 30s, but are missing the bipods. I've gone ahead and added those using some bits of jeweler's wire.

Currently no manufacturer makes a Chinese Pak 36 anti-tank gun, so those wishing to field one will have to pick from one of the German sets out there. The biggest problem with this is that many of the figures are wearing boots, which isn't correct for the Chinese. However, I did find a few photos online where it appears that not all the Chinese troops were wearing puttees.  As such, I thought a Perry DAK Pak 36 was probably going to be my best bet. The open collars don't look correct, but perhaps manning the gun is hot work. I also filed off the epaulets to help them further blend into my Chinese forces.  Overall, I think it ended up looking pretty good.

I still have a few Tibetan cavalry figures to finish up, but the army is getting close to completion. I'll take a group shot when everything is done.


  1. Those are very the decals on the helmets!

  2. There a bit different and very nicely done!

  3. Really nice work and a cool project.

  4. Well done on those! To be fair I didn't even no such a range existed.

  5. I have just discovered your BoB posts and having just gone through them all, have to say I am very impressed. Also it is very handy as I will be painting over 200 figures for my friend as soon as I finish off my WW2 Winter War collection, so I will be coming back to your blog for reference.