Saturday, March 21, 2015

German Boma Raid

Today Victor, Steve and I met up to try a raid game using the newly finished  German boma.  I played the German garrison, while the guys fielded a force of Egyptian and coastal Arabs.  Their goal was to capture the boma's arsenal within 10 turns.

 At first everything looked quiet  at the outpost.

But soon hostile forces were spotted in the treeline and coming through the banana crop.  All the men in the boma were called to the gun loops and windows.

The Arab irregulars worked their way towards the administrative office of the boma, while the shots of the defenders were mostly ineffective.

 The Arabs began breaking out of the cover of the banana trees and started their charge towards the building, intending to break down the barricaded door. The defenders on the second floor managed to pick off a few of the raiders.

Meanwhile, the Egyptian forces swung around the side of the boma, hiding just out of range of the German defenders manning the gun loops.

The European troops moved to the lower floor of the office to defend the door, while Askari  stepped out on to the balcony to continue firing at the advancing Arabs.  The first Arab unit was almost completely gunned down by the Germans, but a second unit quickly rushed up behind them.

Meanwhile, an Egyptian artillery piece managed to blow a hole in the side of the building, giving the Arabs a new entryway.  This was the only time the Egyptians manged to pierce the walls.

A German Askari patrol appeared, hoping to outflank the Arabs.

The Arabs attempted to storm through the hole in the wall, but were slowed down my its small size.

 A second German patrol then appeared, and prepared to engage the Egyptians. This would be very fortuitous, as the Egyptians would succeed in killing almost all of the defenders manning this wall of the boma.

Hand to hand combat broke out in the administrative buildings, but it was a desperate fight to stem the flow of Arabs rushing into the building.

The German askari continued to rush forward in an attempt to help relieve their comrades in the office.

A shooting battle erupted  between the Germans and Egyptians, and despite losses on both sides, neither unit broke.

Hand to hand fighting continued to rage in the building, while troops from both sides rushed forward to join the battle.

 The Arabs continued their attack in the office, until only the German command was still alive.

Outside the boma, the surviving Germans turned their attention from the Egyptian infantry to the Egyptian command, and caused significant carnage.

Eventually the Germans succeeded in killing the Egyptian commander.

But between artillery fire and attacking Arab swordsmen, the last German askari unit was driven off.  Things were looking very bad for the few surviving Germans, but fortune was ultimately in their favor, as time had run out for the Arabs to loot the boma. 

A very fun and close game.  If it had gone just a few more rounds, it would have definitely have turned into an Egyptian/Arab victory.  The boma itself proved a very tough nut to crack.  Upon dissecting the battle, Steve and Victor felt a second artillery piece to knock additional holes in the walls might have given them enough of an edge to win.  I also now think a machine gun to defend the front of the boma might have helped in reducing the number of Arabs who made it to the office.  It would be interesting to try this again in the future and see if these options would make any difference.


  1. Great looking game - figures & .errain are wonderful. That is a very nice game room too, BTW

  2. Thanks! We are lucky Victor has access to a large conference room at his work, so that's become our go to spot for gaming these days. Plenty of room and no need to fight the crowds at our local shop.

  3. Splendid and so atmospheric! You've got a wonderful collection of minis, and terrain is awesome as well...thanks for sharing!

  4. Great report! And that table is marvellous!

  5. Great looking game. The boma looks the business.

  6. Fantastic looking game. Your hard work on the terrain really paid off!

  7. Great batrep. Fab photos, superb models. Thanks for posting.

  8. Great set-up and a stirring batrep. Very nice indeed.