Saturday, November 16, 2013

Deutsch-Ostafrika: First British Troops and Some Animals

After having painted my German troops a while back,  it was time to return to Ostafrika and start on some British opponents.  First up are some Indian Muslim Troops:

These are from Copplestone Castings Back of Beyond range, and are only available as variations on the same basic pose. I would have preferred a bit more variety for skirmish gaming, but they are well sculpted and were available at my local hobby store.  The figures are a a little larger than Brigade Games' Sikhs, but not too bad. I've also purchased some British officers for them, but these have yet to be painted.

In addition to the troops, I've also painted up some animals:

I bought the rhinos a while ago and believe they were also manufactured  by Copplestone, but I don't have the packaging to confirm (and they are not currently listed on the Copplestone site).  They have been painted as black rhinos.

 The cattle are produced by Foundry, and can be found in the Masai section.  I have painted them to be Ankole-Watusi of eastern Africa.

Overall, I am very happy with how everything came out.