Saturday, February 16, 2013

New High Street Shopfronts

Here are two more shops from, kit T005 (please excuse the slight fish eye quality of the photos - my wife has the camera with the close-up setting):

These buildings were previously seen under construction here on my blog.  They show the additional two facade types that come with the kit.  The building on the left is also available in white painted brick. As with all the buildings in this kit, they are half depth.

The first shop interior is Sue's Cafe:
This is a default shop that comes with the kit.  I had hoped to add more seating, but this is all that would fit inside.  To get the table placed right next to the window, I inserted the pre-built shopfront (without the window layer glued on to the frame), placed the furniture through the opening, then glued on the plastic window with the paper decorative framing. The shop front didn't fill the the entire space on the facade between the downspouts, so I had to paint some bricks on the wall card prior to gluing to avoid white gaps.

Next up is my Doctor Who inspired clock shop:
I used one of the blank signs available in the kit, adjusting the font and color with Adobe Acrobat software. This storefront was much easier to assemble than the one with the recessed door.

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