Sunday, January 20, 2013

Doctor Who

Another set of older figures - this time from another favorite series of mine, Doctor Who.

First up, the original five Doctors:
These are from the FASA range (I believe originally released by Citadel in the UK, but converted from slotta to integrated bases for the US market). They have the big heads common for 80's miniatures, but overall I think they have good character and I like them.

Next up are my favorite villains, the Cybermen:
These are produced by Black Tree and are still on the market.  Though I like the Tomb and Invasion era Cybermen the best, I think the sculpts of the Earthshock era figures look better (at least from the catalog).  Sadly, there are only two poses for the standard Cybermen, and the molds seem to be showing a bit of wear, as they had a bit of flash built up under the guns that required some hacking and filing.  The one odd figure is the Cybercontroller - he is a bit shorter than the other figures, so he looks a bit stumpy compared to his followers.

Another set of Black Tree figures. These are a bit wonky:  they're asymmetrical and just look a bit lopsided. But when they are the only thing ocurrently on the market, I guess yo have to live with it. I like the chrome look of the earlier Daleks rather than the drab grey I grew up with, so they've been painted up in 60's  livery.  For the scientist Dalek, I used Doctor Who movie colors for a bit of variety.

My final villains are the Ice Warriors of Mars:
The original three figures I had were from the FASA line in the 80's.  Overall, very nice sculpts that are well proportioned for the time. These have been filled out with two figures from Black Tree, who hulk over the others with their chunky sculpts.

Finally, to help out the Doctors are the Brigadier, Sargent Benton, and some of their U.N.I.T. blokes:
Again, more big-headed 80's figures from FASA. For some reason Sgt. Benton is a bit bigger than the others, but what are you going to do.

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